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Chai Latte 1 of 3 new Pro Zero flavors launching before June

chai latte pro zero

At the end of last year High Performance Nutrition picked up its protein game by giving its vegan protein formula Pro Zero a second flavor. We saw the supplement’s original Natural Whipped Vanilla joined by a flavor that goes almost everywhere vanilla does with a chocolate recipe named Natural Whipped Chocolate. Three months later the brand has now named another flavor and made an announcement that will definitely please both current and future fans of Pro Zero.

Starting with the all new flavor for the vegan protein powder, HPN has confirmed Chai Latte Pro Zero. As for the relatively exciting announcement, Chai Latte is apparently just one of three flavors the brand plans on launching before June. The other two have yet to be named, however if HPN does in fact plan on introducing two more before June we will be seeing the pair some time in the next 10 weeks.

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