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Promera Sports renames its pre-workout Con-Cret Pre

con-cret pre

Just as it did last year when it rebranded and renamed its thermogenic formula Capsi Blast, Con-Cret Burn. Promera has now done the same thing to another one of its well known supplements. The product getting the new face and name this year is Beta-Cret 2.0, which was and technically still is the brand’s pre-workout competitor. Just so people know what the supplement has been designed to do, Promera has rebranded Beta-Cret as Con-Cret Pre.

Looking at the label of Promera’s new Con-Cret Pre, Beta-Cret has really just been renamed and repackaged, as the brand doesn’t appear to have changed the formula one bit. The pre-workout still has its one proprietary blend weighing in at 5.549g, made up of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, creatine HCl, taurine, tyrosine, n-acetyl l-tyrosine, caffeine anhydrous, PurEnergy pterostilbene caffeine, choline bitartrate and BioPerine black pepper.

To help introduce Con-Cret Pre to fans, Promera has actually launched the renamed product with three direct deals. First you have one 30 serving tub for $29.99 in Blue Raspberry or Lemon Lime. The other two offers are where things get quite interesting as for an extra $25 at $54.99, you can stack Con-Cret Pre with any other Promera supplement. The last deal is the most expensive and of course the most cost-effective, going up another $15 to $69.99 which gets you any two other Promera products on top of Pre.

Promera Sports Con-Cret Pre

con-cret pre

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