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Magnum confirms the category of its next new supplement


Over the weekend we got a new Magnum Nutraceuticals teaser featuring the outline of a supplement with a question mark on its front. The brand didn’t give us any more details outside of the image and the fact that the mystery product is coming soon. This week Magnum has been kind enough to pass on a little bit more information confirming the category for the still unnamed supplement.

As much as we thought the next Magnum product wouldn’t be for a category it entered or re-entered in the past few months, that is exactly what the brand’s next supplement is going to do. While we don’t yet know any of the ingredients in the formula we can confirm that it is going to be some kind of weight loss solution. Knowing how creative Magnum can be we’re not going take any guesses at the product’s point of difference, as there are a number of ways it could go.

Fortunately it’s not going to be too long before we find out everything there is to know about the latest from Magnum, as the mystery supplement is expected to be unveiled in two to three weeks time.

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