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Magnum already onto the build up of its next new supplement


It appears Magnum Nutraceuticals is wasting no time early in 2016, as it has already started teasing its follow up to the recently released Carne Diem. In typical Magnum fashion it has dropped a preview of the product featuring only its outline, which confirms that it is of course coming packaged in the traditional Magnum box. Usually the color in the brand’s teasers give us some clues on what the item might be related to, however on this occasion the mystery supplement is surrounded by a gradient.

The colors in the image of Magnum’s next product are red and magenta/pink, leaving us with more than handful of possibilities. There also aren’t many categories the brand isn’t already competing in, so we can’t do the usual guessing based on what it does or doesn’t have. The only facts that we feel are relevant are the categories of Magnum’s last few releases, as there is less chance of it revisiting an area. If that is the case then the supplements we’re less likely to be in for are pre-workout, weight loss, anti-aromtase and nighttime.

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