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Ain’t nothin’ but a peanut looking like King Whey’s next flavor

peanut king whey

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series has confirmed that it is already working on another flavor for its 2016 released protein powder, King Whey. Since it arrived mid January, the supplement has been available in just two straightforward flavors with Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Frosting. We now know that those two are apparently going to be joined by a recipe unofficially titled “ain’t nothin’ but a ?”.

As you can see the current name of the flavor has yet to be revealed, however as most Ronnie Coleman fans will know that sentence usually goes “ain’t nothin’ but a peanut”. The classic Coleman quote obviously suggests King Whey’s Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Frosting are due to be joined by some kind of peanut flavor. As for when the next King Whey is going to hit shelves, we don’t yet know but can’t imagine it being too far away as Signature Series has said the flavor has been approved.