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Perfect Shaker unveiling another Hero Series shaker at the Arnold

perfect shaker

Perfect Shaker has confirmed that it is going to be doing exactly what it did two months ago at the LA Fit Expo, this weekend at the Arnold Sports Festival. For those that don’t remember, at the LA Fit Expo the shaker brand introduced a fourth member for its Hero Series adding the Flash to the family. Today it has announced that it will be unveiling another Hero Series shaker at the Arnold, leaving us all wondering what hero we’re in for.

If we had to take a guess at what Perfect Shaker’s fifth hero is going to be, we’d go with Green Lantern. So far the brand has only used DC Comic heroes, a theme Green Lantern would continue as well as one we can’t imagine Perfect Shaker drifting from. The Hero Series shakers are also all Justice League members, which is of course another theme Green Lantern would continue.

Fortunately we won’t be waiting too long to find out whether we’re in for a Green Lantern shaker or an entirely different hero, as the Arnold is only three days away.

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