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Scitec’s two flavor menu for Protein Ice Cream revealed

protein ice cream

Most, if not all of the supplements recently unveiled by Scitec Nutrition have only been just that, unveiled. Very few formula details have been revealed, really only leaving us with their names and highlights. Today we have a bit of an update on one of Scitec’s new products, the self explanatory Protein Ice Cream. Previously all we knew was that it is obviously high protein ice cream, and that’s it.

We can now actually confirm all the flavors on its menu, which is going to disappoint anyone hoping for a chocolate option. The Protein Ice Cream flavors are Red Berry, and the slightly more unique recipe Vanilla Lime. We should be getting the rest of the supplement’s information soon, as it is finished and was available to sample as well as on display at last week’s Salon Mondial expo in Paris, France.

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