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Scitec extends its birthday bonus to three more flavors

scitec whey

To celebrate its 20th birthday, last month Scitec Nutrition put together bonus tubs of its mainstream protein powder 100% Whey Protein Professional. The promotion was just on its 5lb or 2.35kg tub giving it an extra 20%, which roughly added another 15 servings. The brand has now extended the promotion and given the extra 20% to three more of the supplement’s flavors.

Previously fans could only get the celebratory Whey Protein Professionals in Chocolate Coconut, Strawberry and White chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Vanilla. The list of options now sits at eight thanks to the addition of Kiwi Banana, Yogurt Peach and Lemon Cheesecake. Like the others the 20% extra is only included on specially marked tubs, so if you do go shopping be on the look out for the yellow banded 5lbs.

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