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Sour Berry added to Ronnie’s two week old Yeah Buddy

sour berry yeah buddy

Last year, well before Ronnie Coleman Signature even launched its new pre-workout Yeah Buddy, it was confirmed that the supplement would be coming in just three different flavors. The options named were Cherry Limeade, Electric Lemonade and Strawberry Kiwi, which are in fact the same three currently listed at the likes of Tiger Fitness. Now just a few weeks after Yeah Buddy was officially launched, the brand has introduced a fourth flavor for the very new product.

Joining the three originals is another fruit flavored effort from Ronnie Coleman Signature Series with Sour Berry Yeah Buddy. Fans can actually already grab the new addition to the supplement’s menu direct, with any of its three surprisingly still available launch deals. Those deals are in fact on their last day today, so if you want to try Sour Berry or just Yeah Buddy itself get in before the end of the day.