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Two new flavors spotted for Tribeca’s X50 Broccoli Chips

X50 Broccoli Chips

When Tribeca kicked off the year with the launch of its innovative snack, X50 Broccoli Chips. We didn’t exactly mention it but they were introduced in just the one flavor, Rock Salt. Now it seems the brand is in fact going to be giving the unique product a full menu, as two more flavors for X50 Broccoli Chips have been spotted.

The major Australian brand has released an image of its original Rock Salt X50 Broccoli Chips sitting alongside two slightly different colored and very different flavored others. As you can see above one is colored red and the other orange, although we can only confirm the flavor of the red. The one recipe revealed so far is Spicy X50 Broccoli Chips, with our guess at the orange being something like cheddar or cheese.

No doubt we’ll be getting more information on the new X50 Broccoli Chips soon, as the Arnold Australia is in just five days time where Tribeca will most definitely be. As announced at the start of this week we’re also going to be attending the event and will be coming to you live with news from as many exhibitors as we can post about.

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