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4+ Nutrition actually has seven more supplements on the way

4+ nutrition

4+ Nutrition already surprised us last weekend at FIBO in Cologne when it said it has five more entirely new supplements on the way. The main reason that shocked us is because it already dropped eight in the first three months of this year. The Italian brand has released another teaser like it did at the beginning of the year, and as it turns out it actually has seven more products on the way not five.

If you do look at the teaser image above, you can quickly count that there are in fact nine supplement silhouettes. As mentioned though 4+ Nutrition has said there are definitely seven coming which can only mean that two of the products in the picture are spin-offs, alternate versions or different sizes of one of the others. Our guess would be the bag and the tub to its left, and the smaller capsule bottles on the right have the same formulas, however we could of course be way off.

At this point we are just excited to see what 4+ Nutrition has come up with. We’re fairly certain one of the seven is the Super Food formula hinted at yesterday, with the other six being anyone’s guess especially since we’re talking about 4+. It’s also worth mentioning that the seven new supplements are going to be coming quite quickly, as they’re all due to be revealed and released within the next three months.

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