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Alpha Pro’s next release looking like some kind of protein powder

alpha pro protein

Alpha Pro isn’t exactly a frequent feature here, in fact in the past few months we’ve seen it twice with the pre-workout Vex and for a pill version of Alpha Cuts. It now looks like things are about to heat up as the brand has teased a supplement that we believe for the first time in a very long time, will enter Alpha Pro in an all new area. While it hasn’t exactly been confirmed, the teaser the brand has released hints at nothing but an Alpha Pro protein to us.

You can see the image for yourself above, which without a doubt is some kind of 2 to 5lb tub. That is the connection that has us thinking we are more than likely looking at a protein powder, an ideal fit for a brand that tends to stick to mainstream categories. In the past Alpha Pro hasn’t been overly quick with the launch of new products, so while the presumed protein does seem near it could be as far as a few months away.

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