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Blue Raspberry on the way for Adaptogen’s pre-workout Warp 5

blue raspberry warp 5

Adaptogen Science recently confirmed that two of its 2lb flavors would be available on its 5lb Tasty Whey menu sometime soon. This week the brand has revealed another update to a current supplement, announcing that its pre-workout Warp 5 is about to be added to. At the moment the product can be found in just two 30 serving flavors, Pink Lemonade Blast and Xtreme Fruit Punch.

Both of those options are going to remain on Adaptogen’s Warp 5 menu, although the brand is planning on tweaking its Pink Lemonade recipe. As for the new addition to the supplement, fans are soon going to be able to choose from three flavors with the third being Blue Raspberry Warp 5. Like the new Tasty Whey options, Blue Raspberry Warp 5 is not yet available but is on the way and is due to hit shelves soon.

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