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Australian brand Body War unveils its all natural Daily Greens

daily greens

Following a couple of new additions to current supplements, the Australian brand Body War is now back to putting together entirely new products. This week it has introduced Daily Greens, an all natural supplement that is exactly what it sounds like, a greens formula. It features well over 20 different fruits and greens, as well as a few bonus blends.

On top of its main combination of ingredients which includes the likes of blueberry, spinach, pomegranate, cinnamon and chlorella. Body War’s Daily Greens also has a handful of digestive enzymes and a relatively large probiotic blend. You can see the product’s complete list of features below, where you’ll also notice it comes in the one 42 serving size with just the one flavor on its menu in Chocolate Swirl.

Body War is saying Daily Greens should be available in roughly six to eight weeks time, putting it on shelves late July.

Body War Daily Greens

daily greens

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