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American Metabolix unveils its sequel fat burner Exile Super Shock

exile super shock

A couple of weeks ago American Metabolix passed on a teaser of its first new supplement in quite some time. All the brand really said about the product was that it’s capsule formula set to re-enter it into a category it’s already competing in. Our guesses were a muscle-builder, multi-vitamin or fat burner, one of which is correct as American Metabolix has now unveiled the supplement introducing Exile Super Shock.

Fans of the brand will know Exile is American Metabolix current weight loss competitor, with Exile Super Shock simply being a new and improved sequel. The product promises all the usual fat burning effects such as metabolic enhancement, mood support, increased energy and overall weight loss. To help it deliver on all that the brand has packed Exile Super Shock with a simple seven ingredient 612mg proprietary blend. The seven features making up that blend are, caffeine, phenylethylamine, dicaffeine malate, higenamine, hordenine, garcinia cambogia and rauwolscine.

Unlike most entirely new supplements that have just been unveiled, American Metabolix Exile Super Shock is also now on its way to stores. Based on that news you can probably expect to see the product on shelves as soon as early next week.

American Metabolix Exile Super Shock

exile super shock

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