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Raging Blood Strong has everything Raging Blood does and more

raging blood strong

Last weekend at FIBO we were introduced to a handful of new Scitec Nutrition supplements, one of which was a darker more intense version of the pre-workout RTD Raging Blood. We weren’t able to get close enough to the product to confirm what separates it from the regular version, and to make things easier simply referred to it as Raging Blood Black. Scitec has now launched that spin-off of sorts as well as confirmed what makes it more intense that the regular red Raging Blood.

Firstly as suitable as it is, the name of the supplement isn’t Raging Blood Black. The official title Scitec has given it is Raging Blood Strong, which does get its point of difference across a little better. As for what sets the two apart contents wise, Raging Blood Strong actually has everything that’s in Raging Blood at the same, if not higher doses. It features 200mg more citrulline, twice as much caffeine and beta-alanine, 90mg more taurine, and the same 1g of carnitine but from two forms not just one.

While more of everything in Raging Blood does sound like enough to justify the name Raging Blood Strong, the product does in fact have a whole lot more. On top of those five features Scitec has also squeezed in 2g of arginine, half a gram each of glutamine, isoleucine and leucine, 250mg valine. 100mg each of argnine ketoglutarate and betaine, 50mg each of ornithine and green tea, and lastly 10mg of alpha lipoic acid. Basically Raging Blood Strong probably isn’t going to feel anything like the regular Raging Blood, which by the looks of things was Scitec’s goal.

For a complete description of all that Scitec has designed Raging Blood Strong to do, be sure to check out the supplement on the brand’s website. It does now also appear to be available, so if you’re within reach of a Scitec stockist you can probably expect to see it in store soon.

Scitec Raging Blood Strong

raging blood strong

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