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Scitec’s Fibers & Enzymes RX exactly what it sounds like

scitec fibers

Scitec Nutrition’s Fibers & Enzymes RX is one of the five supplements detailed today from its new Green Series, and just as it’s titled it is a fiber and digestive enzyme formula. Unlike a few of the others in the line it is 100% transparent, listing doses for all 10 of its ingredients. Fibers & Enzymes RX also sets itself apart from the others by coming in a slightly different form, with a nicely presented box of 30 single serving sachets.

Packed into each of those sachets is a 8.5g serving made up of half a gram of vitamin C, 450mg raspberry extract, and two blends. The first blend is responsible for all of the product’s fiber claims with a 7.35g combination of inulin and barely, bamboo, oat, wheat and apple fiber. The other blend is where Scitec has thrown its digestive enzymes which is an evenly split 200mg of papain and bromelain.

You can read Scitec’s full description of Fibers & Enzymes RX on its website as well as check out its official facts panel below, and expect to see it on shelves alongside the other four Green Series supplements soon.

Scitec Fibers & Enzymes RX

scitec fibers

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