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Psycho discontinued in preparation for Scivation’s new pre-workout

scivation psycho

Scivation fans may have noticed that the amount of places stocking their favorite brand’s pre-workout competitor Psycho is becoming less and less. If you were wondering why, it’s because Scivation does in fact have another pre-workout its working on and in preparation for its arrival the brand has discontinued Psycho. At the moment very little is known about the upcoming supplement, actually all we know is that we’re in for a pre-workout.

No name has been given to the new Scivation product yet, with also no mention of any of its ingredients or even flavors. While there isn’t really any information available on the supplement we do feel the brand’s Psycho replacement is well worth looking forward to. The only reason we’re saying that is because Psycho was such an impressive competitor back when it was launched, that it wouldn’t be too surprising if Scivation did something equally competitive for today’s market.

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