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Tropic Thunder added to MAN’s Australian Game Day menu

tropic thunder game day

Earlier this week, in fact just two days ago, MAN Sports launched a fourth flavor for its recently reformulated pre-workout Game Day. The new addition to the supplement’s menu is Strawberry Kiwi, which is an exclusive to the brand’s website and has had only 500 units produced. MAN has now released another new Game Day flavor, however this one isn’t available in the US.

The latest flavor from MAN Sports is for its Australian edition of Game Day, which is quite different from the version we reviewed and is currently sitting in our top 10. Up until now fans down under only had two flavors to choose from in Blue Bomb-Sicle and Tigers Blood. As mentioned a third has just been launched adding Tropic Thunder to its menu. MAN fans may in fact remember that recipe or at least a similarly named one from the last version of Game Day, which was called Tropic Fury.

If you are actually in Australia and want to give the new pre-workout option a go, it can already be found at two of the brand’s stockists. Both MuscleWorx and Supplement Mart have it, with both also listing it for the same price at $69.95 (AUD) for a 45 serving tub.

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