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Crea Star adds GlutaZorb and CreaPep to Crea-Bomb’s 6 form blend

crea star

Just when we thought we were done with new Scitec supplements, the massive European brand has gone and surprised us with another. Following on from the detailed unveiling of Scitec’s three Pro Line products, Intra-Edge, Superhero and Hydrolyzed Whey, we have the all new creatine formula Crea Star. If you’re anything like us you’ll probably be wondering what has Scitec done to make Crea Star worth creating, as the brand does already have well over 10 different creatines.

Not so surprisingly, the brand hasn’t actually done a lot to separate Crea Star from any of its other competitors. The supplement actually features a creatine blend using the same six forms as Scitec’s own Crea-Bomb, and at almost the same blend weight of 4.415g compared to Crea-Bomb’s 4.391g.

It is in Crea Star’s CRE/Absorp Matrix where Scitec has mixed things up a bit, with half a gram of taurine, 300mg glucuronolactone, and 100mg each of its two biggest highlights, CreaPep and GlutaZorb. CreaPep has simply been included to further enhance your body’s utilization of creatine, with GlutaZorb being a branded version of glutamine described as a “stable form” that delivers 100% of its dose into your bloodstream.

Like a lot of Scitec’s other creatine competitors, Crea Star is a flavored formula with a total of two tastes on its menu in Cola and Watermelon. The product also comes in two different tub sizes, a 270g 30 serving and 540g 60 serving, both of which should be showing up on shelves very soon.

Scitec Crea Star

crea star

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