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Website launch confirms fiber and calories for each FitJoy flavor


Yesterday morning FitJoy finally confirmed what area of the industry it would be competing in, unveiling its six flavor FitJoy Protein Bar. Pretty much everything about the product was confirmed including its 20g of protein per bar and other important highlights such as gluten and GMO free, as well as no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. The brand has now dropped a bit of an update by launching its website where we do get a few more details. no longer features just a sign up box for updates, it now has individual pages for each and every one of the FitJoy Protein Bar flavors. It is on each of those pages that the brand has released some more macro information with confirmation that each bar has between 10 to 13g of dietary fiber and a calorie total of either 220 or 230.

You can check out FitJoy’s website to see all the new details for yourself, as well as delicious descriptions of each of the six FitJoy Protein Bar flavors.

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