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Grain-free Pretzel Twists from FitJoy now in a Hatch Chile Lime flavor

fitjoy grain free chile lime pretzel twists

The healthy snack brand FitJoy, introduced one of its tastiest looking products last month with grain-free, creamy peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets. This month, the creative company is back again, although not with an entirely new item like the peanut butter pretzel nuggets, but another flavor for the first product it ever did outside of protein bars.

The product we’re talking about from FitJoy is its plant-based, grain-free Pretzel Twists, introduced last year in Himalayan Sea Salt, then joined by a Honey Mustard flavor earlier this year. The new addition to the healthier pretzel alternative’s family of options is a little more unique than those other two with Hatch Chile Lime, promising a spicy lime kick to it.

The macros on FitJoy’s new Hatch Chile Lime Pretzel Twists are about the same as the other flavors with 4.5g of protein in an entire 4.5oz bag, 85.5g of carbohydrates, only 4.5g of sugar, 22.5g of fat, and 540 calories. The product is now in stock and available from the brand’s website at $3.99 that large 4.5oz bag, with no bulk bundles of options on there yet.

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