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Garlic and Basil comes to the menu of Fitjoy’s Grain Free Pretzel Twists

fitjoy garlic and basil grain free pretzels

Fitjoy is at it again, adding another new flavor to the menu of its plant-based pretzel snack made with cassava flour, in Grain Free Pretzel Twists. This is something we’ve seen the functional brand do several times this year, welcoming Hatch Chile Lime and White Cheddar. Fitjoy also introduced an all-new product in 2020 with its delicious peanut butter-filled pretzel nuggets.

The new flavor the brand has for fans this time around is a relatively classic combination of herbs with Garlic and Basil Grain Free Pretzel Twists. The product comes with all of the same great highlights as its other pretzel options, being dairy-free, grain-free, and once again, plant-based. Fitjoy’s Garlic and Basil flavor is due to be added to its website sometime today.

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