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FitJoy launches its website and very vague social media accounts


Every now and then new brands pop up that we’re told are well worth keeping an eye on. We never usually get a lot of information, which is exactly the case for today’s new brand. The name we’d like to introduce to you today is FitJoy, a company that hasn’t exactly released a whole lot of anything but we do know is going to be involved in the supplement industry.

At the moment all we have from FitJoy is a website, and a handful of social media accounts featuring very vague imagery. If those images from the likes of Facebook and Instagram are anything to go by, whatever products FitJoy has lined up they look like they’re going to be for your average everyday person. As you’d imagine that doesn’t exactly point us in any specific direction for what kind of supplements we’re in for, just that they’ve been designed for the mainstream market.

To round out our extremely vague FitJoy introduction we do have a bit of information on when the brand plans on launching its line. June is currently the month FitJoy is targeting for its release, although its products are expected to be unveiled a few weeks before then.

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