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ION Glow carries over everything but Advantra Z from ION

ion glow

Performix has definitely been on a spree lately unveiling new supplement after new supplement. In the past three weeks we’ve actually seen three entirely new products, two of those from a new series, and another flavor for its pump pre-workout. Today we’ve got more from the Terra Bead brand, although instead of another unveiling we have details on ION Glow, the beauty infused Performix pre-workout previewed early last month.

If you caught our original ION Glow post you may remember that the supplement was said to be almost identical to ION with the addition of a beautifying blend. We’ve now got our hands on the label of the female marketed pre-workout and can confirm that is pretty much the case. Basically everything that’s in Performix’ regular ION is in ION Glow except for Advantra Z. Another thing worth mentioning is that the only transparent ingredient in the product caffeine, has been lowered by 50mg per serving down to 125mg.

As for the features Performix has thrown in on top of the original ION formula, there is a three ingredient Beautifying Matrix made up of Verisol bioactive collagen peptides, CLA and hyaluronic acid. The brand has also further separated ION Glow from ION by giving it a very different menu, with two tastes in Strawberry Margarita and Peach Lemonade.

You can get a closer look at everything in ION Glow in its facts panel below, and expect to see it at GNC very soon as it was said to be available somewhere between late last month and early this month.

Performix ION Glow

ion glow

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