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Introducing Kodiak Nutrition and its fat burner Torch

kodiak nutrition

Kodiak Nutrition is an all new supplement company we’d like to introduce to you today, that like quite a few others we’ve talked about lately isn’t on the market yet. The red and bright yellow brand was and still is promoting a June launch, however in exactly three days time on Monday it is officially going to be available. Kodiak is planning on starting things off with just the one product, the fat burner you can see pictured above Kodiak Torch.

Like most new brands Kodiak believes in 100% transparency, which is why its first supplement Torch is a proprietary free formula. You can see further proof of that down below in the product’s official facts panel featuring a combination of 14 different weight loss ingredients. The transparent mix promises all the usual fat burning effects including enhanced energy and focus, appetite suppression and increased metabolism.

While Kodiak is as mentioned an all new brand, and one supplement isn’t too surprising, it isn’t going to have just the one for very long. Kodiak has said Torch will be followed by a few other interesting products that’ll enter it into even more mainstream categories. Those other products are also going to be following Torch closely as the brand plans on having its entire line launched before the end of June.

Kodiak Torch

Kodiak Torch

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