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Some of Kodiak’s popular supplements are moving over to Muscle Sport

Kodiak Merging With Muscle Sport

Kodiak is a reputable brand from the maker of Muscle Sport that hit the market several years ago in early 2016. Over the years, it has become known for several sports nutrition products, including the pre-workout Attack, the protein powders 1Whey and 3Whey, and the highly effective sleep supplement Anabolic Coma. This year Kodiak is doing something a bit different in combination with its sister brand Muscle Sport.

The team behind the two brands has announced Kodiak and Muscle Sport are merging, with a selection of Kodiak’s top-selling supplements to be brought over to Muscle Sport. None of the products making the jump have been named, although we’re guessing it’ll be some of those popular items mentioned above, like the pre-workout Attack, but obviously rebranded for Muscle Sport and maybe some changes in the formulas.

The last update or development we shared from Kodiak was about a year ago when it launched the full-spectrum, EAA-based amino BEAAR Mode, and it’s been silent since then. With news of Kodiak merging with Muscle Sport, it’s looking like things will be heating up again for Kodiak or at least the Kodiak side of Muscle Sport, so fans of the brand will want to stay tuned.