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Elite Labs halves Mass Muscle Gainer again for a 5lb option

mass muscle gainer

The first ever supplement from Elite Labs is arguably the one it’s most known for, the massive weight gainer Mass Muscle Gainer. It was originally introduced in just the one extremely large size, weighing in at 20lb. The brand did eventually put together a second size packing half the amount at 10lb. Elite Labs has now unveiled another size for the product which does in fact go even smaller.

The latest addition to Elite Labs’ Mass Muscle Gainer is a bag half the size of the 10lb and a quarter the size of the original 20lb, with a 5lb. Seeing as the 20lb packs approximately 35 servings for all flavors and the 10lb approximately 17, we’d say the 5lb is probably somewhere around 8 to 9 servings per bag. The third Mass Muscle Gainer size has only been unveiled at the moment but is said to be launching soon.

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