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NR Believer Bottle, HPN’s 28 capsule trial size

nr believer bottle

If you’ve ever wanted to try High Performance Nutrition’s flagship formula the NAD+ booster NR Niagen, but weren’t confident enough to invest in full size bottle. The brand has just launched something you might be interested in. Usually NR costs around $50 for capsule or powder, with each one packing a total of 30 two capsule or single scoop servings. A second capsule size has now been introduced that’s not as cost-effective as a regular capsule or powder, but a lot lighter on your wallet.

The item HPN has introduced is called the NR Believer Bottle, which features a little less than half the regular amount with 28 capsules or 14 two capsule servings. The price on the smaller supplement is as mentioned a lot cheaper and just 10% more expensive per serving at $24.99 a bottle. If you’d like to become an NR believer the trial size is only available at Tiger Fitness, where stock is now available for purchase.

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