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Filter out suspicious and Amazon reviews with Review Meta

review meta

When it comes to honest, unbiased supplement reviews there aren’t exactly a lot of places out there you can rely on. There are plenty of forum threads from real life customers, dedicated websites such as PricePlow, Supplement Reviews, and of course us, but overall there aren’t many. Because of that we feel it’s worthwhile highlighting a new one when it pops up, which one just has called Review Meta.

The very new website isn’t technically a place that posts or writes reviews. What Review Meta actually does is automatically filter already written reviews on Amazon and, and tells you which ones are worth trusting and what a product’s rating should be. To make use of the tool simply visit, search for a particular supplement, click the result that matches, then you’ll be presented with a breakdown of all the reviews on or Amazon as well as an adjusted score.

If you’re wondering how Review Meta adjusts scores and decides what reviews need to be filtered or possibly even thrown out completely, it does in fact have a page that goes into detail on all of that. Essentially there are a number of factors involved such as reviews not being verified purchases, a reviewer borrowing phrases from other reviews, and reviews coming in all at the same time. When you search for a product Review Meta actually goes over what reviews or percentages of reviews failed or passed with reasons for each.

Regardless of whether or not you’re looking for reviews on supplements right now, Review Meta is definitely something you’ll want to check out when you have some spare time. It’s extremely entertaining to see how far the website lowers some products’ scores, and also very interesting reading the breakdowns of all the reviews on certain supplements.