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GAT PMP gets a single flavor trial size at

gat pmp

We recently posted about two new variety packs from GAT, one for each of its pre-workout competitors. Not only did the pair give fans the chance to try Nitraflex and/or PMP, but also try a selection of flavors or in Nitraflex’s case, all of its flavors. GAT has now put together another size for its more recent pre-workout PMP, which is even smaller than its variety pack.

The latest from the brand is a single flavor trial size featuring a total of just seven servings, one less than the variety box’s eight. GAT has produced the trial size in two different versions, one for its regular PMP and the other for its Stim Free. As far as flavors go both only come in the one at the moment with Berry Blast for the regular and Blue Raspberry for Stim Free.

To get your hands on either of the PMP trial sizes the place to go isn’t actually GAT’s own website, which is where the brand usually introduces products. The location this time around is who now has both trial sizes in stock for the same price at $10.99.

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