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Fitmark Shield fans in for a stylish, all-black version

fitmark shield

Fitmark collectors or those that just like having options when it comes to meal bags, can expect to see another addition to the innovative brand’s the Shield very soon. The last time we saw Fitmark add to its flagship meal bag was actually around a year and a half ago, when it dropped the colorful Rep Your Flag series. While we aren’t going to be seeing anywhere near as many colors as we did with that line, the next Shield is not going to be short on style.

Fitmark has revealed that an all-black version of the Shield is on the way, and by all-black we do mean the entire bag is black. Based on the small preview released it looks like every one of the bag’s panels is black, as well as its zippers, with the only thing getting a little bit of color being its logo on the front. More details and a full size preview of the all-black Shield are expected to be dropped soon along as well as possibly the bag itself.

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