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Alpha Pro teases what looks like some kind of protein bar

alpha pro bar

Alpha Pro certainly isn’t a brand that launches new supplements often, or at least up until this year. Since the beginning of 2016 the brand has introduced the more stimulant powered pre-workout Vex, a capsule version of its fat burner Alpha Cuts, and the protein powder 100% Whey. It looks like Alpha Pro is now going to make it four new products for the year as it has just started teasing its next release only a few weeks after the arrival of 100% Whey.

Much like Alpha Pro’s 100% Whey, its next supplement looks like it’s also going to enter it into an entirely new category. You can see the teaser for the brand’s upcoming product above, which we feel shows more than enough to give us an idea on what’s coming. The item we see in the picture is what we imagine most people see, a protein bar or some kind of edible supplement. No matter which way you look at it, Alpha Pro fans are definitely in for a wrapped product of some sort.

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