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Chaos and Pain using both DMAA and DMHA in Cannibal Riot

cannibal riot

Just yesterday Chaos and Pain officially unveiled another pre-workout that it has coming soon called Cannibal Riot. While we didn’t have any details outside of the supplement’s preview and the fact that it isn’t going to be replacing any of the brand’s current competitors. We did say the product will likely have a point of difference revolving around its ingredients or effects. Today Chaos and Pain has passed on two Cannibal Riot details confirming that its point of difference is ingredient related.

The two details we’ve received are that Cannibal Riot is going to have both the increasingly popular stimulant DMHA, and the controversial DMAA. That certainly isn’t going to be all that’s in the pre-workout, although if you’ve ever used those two stimulants before you’ll know together they should make for an incredible experience. They are of course going to need to be dosed well, however we are talking about Chaos and Pain here so you can count on getting the right amounts of everything.

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