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Fruit Punch confirmed for Optimum’s AmiNO Energy RTD

fruit punch amino energy rtd

The last time we saw Optimum Nutrition’s AmiNO Energy RTD was back in February when the brand confirmed its first new flavor for it with Blueberry Lemonade. Since then Optimum has managed to release another flavor for it with Strawberry Cooler, which does only appear to be available at the Vitamin Shoppe. As interesting as that is to hear that, today’s post is actually about another AmiNO Energy RTD that’s on the way.

It looks like Optimum Nutrition is planning on making it at least three new flavors for its on-the-go AmioNO Energy in 2016 as a Fruit Punch option has now been confirmed. From what we know the Fruit Punch AmiNO Energy RTD won’t be like Strawberry Cooler and only available at the one retailer. Instead it will be more like the others, Orange Blast, Watermelon Wave, and Blueberry Lemonade, and be available almost everywhere.

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