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Optimum puts the more stable CreaBev into a powder product for its Platinum Series

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Creatine

The third and final entry in Optimum Nutrition’s impressively-sized expansion to its Platinum Series in the UK and Europe is Platinum Creatine, going alongside the well-rounded pre-workout Platinum Pre-Workout and the stimulantltess pump-focused supplement, Platinum Pump. Platinum Creatine is obviously a creatine-based product designed to support muscle strength, power, and performance, and its official name is Platinum Creatine Plus, as it’s not your ordinary standalone creatine.

The primary difference in Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Creatine is that it doesn’t use standard creatine monohydrate but a premium ingredient from its own Glanbia family in the more stable CreaBev, transparently providing 3g of creatine per serving. While this sort of innovation is usually more common in beverages, premixed supplements, and not so much bulk powder products, if you look at the stability comparison the company did on CreaBev versus regular creatine monohydrate, you’ll see the reason for its use in Platinum Creatine.

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Creatine Label

Glanbia Nutritionals tested the stability of CreaBev in water against creatine monohydrate, and within five minutes, CreaBev degradation was about 2%, while standard creatine dropped by more than five times as much at 11%. It’s a substantial difference, meaning you simply get more creatine in Platinum Creatine as well as other CreaBev products if you mix your creatine early to throw it down later. Alternatively, if that does cause concern, you could avoid it altogether by taking down your creatine as soon as it’s served.

The more stable CreaBev creatine is the star of the show in Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Creatine, but there is slightly more to its formula. Alongside the source of creatine is zinc for immunity, B vitamins for a hint of energy, and the electrolyte sources Aquamin and CocoMineral at half a gram each, like Platinum Pump Pre-Workout to support hydration and performance.

Platinum Creatine or Platinum Creatine Plus is the most expensive supplement in Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Series expansion in the UK and Europe, as Platinum Pre-Workout and Platinum Pump Pre-Workout sit under the £30 mark by one pence, at £29.99. Platinum Creatine is going to carry a price point of £34.99 (44.01 USD), but it does have significantly more servings at 50, getting you through one and two-thirds of a month, and it doesn’t have an unflavored option, only flavors in Orange and Pineapple.