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DMHA confirmed for Kodiak Nutrition’s upcoming pre-workout Attack

kodiak attack

Last week we were treated to two new supplement company launches, the first one we saw was from the bright yellow brand Kodiak Nutrition. It arrived with two of its four products available for purchase, leaving the pre-workout Attack and amino Ammo mysteriously shadowed and coming soon. While the wait is still on for both of those items, we’ve been passed on a detail for Attack that pre-workout enthusiasts are going to want to know.

We’ve received confirmation that the Kodiak pre-workout Attack, is going to have the stimulant that powers almost all of the top pre-workouts released this year. We are of course referring to 2-aminoisoheptane, or its much simpler name DMHA. Attack’s label is also going to keep with the brand’s tradition of being as transparent as possible, so the supplement will be one of the very few that lists its DMHA dose.

While we don’t yet know what else is going to be the pre-workout, the fact that it has DMHA is certainly a good thing. We’ve yet to actually come across a product using that stimulant that isn’t effective, with most of them turning out to be top 10 contenders. As for when Kodiak plans on launching Attack, it is still expected to be dropped later this month alongside the amino Ammo.

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