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New Lemon Lime Pre-RX almost half price for the next 6 hours

lemon lime pre-rx

Ever since Proccor launched its sequel pre-workout supplement Pre-RX 2.0, fans have only been able to get the product in the one fruity flavor. Up until today Jolly Green Apple was all the brand had for the pre-workout, now however it’s finally been given a second option. Proccor has officially released Lemon Lime Pre-RX, which is also available with a pretty good introductory deal.

The promotion is, instead of paying the brand’s usual direct Pre-RX price of $49.99 you can get Lemon Lime for almost half that at just $29.99. If the discount wasn’t enough the brand is also throwing in free shipping. According to Proccor’s announcement its Lemon Lime Pre-RX sale is actually only available for six hours, so if you are interested make sure you visit before 11:49PM Eastern Time.

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