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Novo Nutrition unveils its 33% High Protein Spreads

novo high protein peanut butter

Just yesterday we posted about Novo Nutrition’s teaser of what appeared to be two new nut butters. The innovative brand has now officially unveiled those two items and they are exactly what we suspected, two new High Protein Spreads. Both products however aren’t exactly your typical peanut butters as Novo has mentioned a few highlights that most nut butters don’t promote.

Firstly the two different Novo High Protein Spreads are separated by their consistency, one is smooth and the other crunchy. Next we have their major highlights, which are what make Novo’s nut butters unique. As you can see in the image above, Novo’s efforts have a relatively high percentage of protein at 33%. The brand also promises that they have no oil collection at the top of their tubs, something you may have come across with other nut butters, and no added sugar.

Unfortunately at the moment we don’t yet have either of the spreads’ labels, with the only macro detail being that 33% of protein. We should be seeing those in the next couple of months though, as the two Novo High Protein Spreads are expected to be available in the next somewhere in that time frame.

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