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Out Of The Lab finally launches its promised post-workout Regenetor


As well as launching its all new pre-workout supplement Impetus, Out Of The Lab has also just introduced the recovery formula it said was coming quite some time ago. The intra and post-workout product the brand has put together is called Regenetor, which is about as complex as the Out Of The Lab pre-workout. Also like Impetus, Regenetor’s formula may be somewhat simple but it’s also unique.

The first ingredient on Regenetor’s list of ingredients is leucine, which is dosed at 5g per serving and is not joined by the other BCAAs isoleucine or valine. Next on the label is Creatine MagnaPower at 2.5g, then 1.5g of betaine anhydrous, 750mg glucosamine, and 100mg of CherryPure tart cherry. As you can see Regenetor has quite the combination of features, with quite the list of effects to match, as it promises anti-catabolic support, overall recovery, and joint health.

For an even more detailed description of the Out Of The Lab recovery formula, you can head to the brand’s website. You can also purchase its new Regenetor from its site in the one Mango Starfruit 30 serving tub for $37.99. Like with Out Of The Lab’s other new supplement, you can also save 20% on Regenetor with the introductory coupon “LABFRESH” dropping the product down $7 to $30.39.

Out Of The Lab Regenetor


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