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Performix teases another slightly more exciting supplement for the Stack3d Pro


Earlier this week we posted about a mystery ISO spin-off Performix plans on officially unveiling at next week’s Stack3d Pro. It turns out the brand does in fact have another entirely new supplement to be unveiled at the online expo, which appears to be a little more exciting. While we do only have a blurred out teaser image to go off at the moment, there are quite a few details hidden away in it.

As we mentioned earlier in the week, Performix does color code its products. For example, all of its amino competitors have a hint of green to them, pre-workout orange, and weight loss a light blue. What makes the teaser picture above so interesting is that it introduces a new color for the brand, with a significantly different shade of blue compared to what it uses for SST, SST Powder, and SSTi.

Based on the Performix supplement having an all new color on it, we can only assume that it will be entering the brand into an entirely new category. Since it’s mostly colored black as well, we can also assume that the product will be a part of Performix’s original Sports Performance line.

As for the category of the mystery supplement, we really don’t have any guesses at this point. While it is blue which could mean it’s weight loss related, the brand has proven closely related products don’t have similar colors as the pre-workouts ION and Pump are orange and maroon, and the fat burners SST and Stimfree are blue and yellow.

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