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Looks like USN is preparing a rebrand for the Dallas Europa


USN recently unveiled two entirely new protein powders Blue Lab 100% Whey and Zero Carb ISOPro. The pair is due to be officially released in a couple weeks time at the Dallas Europa Expo on June 17th. The brand has now shared something else that it’s going to have at the show, that we actually already got a look at with 100% Whey and ISOPro.

USN has dropped another image featuring Blue Lab 100% Whey and Zero Carb ISOPro, as well as its gainer Ultrabolic Mass and basics Pure Creatine and Glutamine. Fans of the brand will notice right away by looking at the image above, that the gainer is now in a 12lb bucket and not its usual bag. The basics have also been given a very different look that is more in line with USN’s upcoming protein powders.

All this definitely points to the fact that USN is rebranding its line, or at least Ultrabolic Mass, Pure Creatine and Pure Glutamine. As mentioned the new look is expected to be officially introduced alongside Blue Lab 100% Whey and Zero Carb ISOPro in exactly 13 days at the Europa Expo in Dallas.

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