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6 Pack introduces its zero calorie, all natural Hot Sauce Series

6 pack hot sauce

The original meal bag maker 6 Pack Fitness, has really surprised fans today by introducing a new line of products that doesn’t involve bags of any kind. The latest from the innovative brand is 6 Pack Hot Sauce, an all natural series of sauces designed to spice up your meals. What makes them even more interesting is that they all have absolutely no calories.

6 Pack actually teamed up with a well-known chef for its Hot Sauce line, Parke Ulrich of Epic Steak and Waterbar Restaurants in San Francisco. The brand has even put together a post going over why it decided to partner with Ulrich for its latest effort, as well as a little bit about the man himself.

We’ll now go into a little bit more about each of the 6 Pack Hot Sauce flavors, of which there is a total of four. You have Mango Serrano a blend of “flavorful serrano chilies with fresh mangos”, Chipotle, a combination of “smoky peppers and mild heat”. Jalapeno, designed to “have a citrus taste but with a spicy after kick”, and lastly Habanero, which is simply described as 6 Pack’s hottest recipe in the series.

6 pack hot sauce

The only other details worth mentioning are that each sauce has a low amount of sodium ranging from Habanero’s 15mg to Mango Serrano’s 135mg. Those numbers are based on your typical teaspoon serving, with 20 servings said to be in each bottle of 6 Pack Hot Sauce except for Mango Serrano which has 17.

Anyone interested in grabbing any of the four Hot Sauce flavors, Mango Serrano, Chipotle, Jalapeno, or Habanero, can now do so direct through 6 Pack’s website. All four options are in stock and available for the exact same price of $8.99 a bottle.

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