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As promised, BPI has officially brought back RoxyLean


Just as it promised, BPI Sports’ has officially brought back one its original fat burning formulas, RoxyLean. The brand initially confirmed that the supplement would be returning late last month, and now only a few weeks later it is available. The release has also answered the question of which version of RoxyLean BPI has brought back, as the product’s label has of course been dropped with the launch.

The 2016 RoxyLean is very much a stimulant driven formula, in fact the first ingredient in its one proprietary blend is caffeine. The blend itself weighs in at 510mg per single capsule serving, with caffeine being followed by lemon, adhatoda vasica, yohimbe, goldenseal, white willow, Chinese skullcap, and rauwolfia. The one capsule serving is actually the maximum amount BPI recommends for an entire day, meaning a full size 60 capsule bottle will last you a total of two months.

There are two places that you can head to if you want to grab the latest from BPI, one is the brand’s own website and the other GNC. Going direct is in fact the cheaper option on this occasion as BPI currently has RoxyLean for $31.99 a bottle, whereas GNC has it at $39.99 for Gold Card members and $49.99 for everyone else.

BPI Sports RoxyLean (2016 version)


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