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Cotton Candy pictured in Redline Xtreme RTD line up

cotton candy redline xtreme

At the moment there are quite a few flavors available for VPX Sports’ Redline Xtreme RTD. If you head to you’ll find an impressive seven options listed with Grape, Lime, Sour Heads, Star Blast, Blue Razz, Triple Berry, and Watermelon. The brand’s own website also lists seven, although it does look like fans will soon be able to find another flavor sometime soon.

An image featuring what initially appears to be all seven of VPX’s Redline Xtreme RTDs has shown up, however when you look closely you’ll notice there is actually one missing. While you it does make you wonder why Grape has been left out of the group, the flavor that’s in its place is a lot more interesting. As you can see in the picture above, an eighth option has been introduced with a Cotton Candy Redline Xtreme RTD.

Nothing has been said about when the Cotton Candy Redline Xtreme RTD is due to be available, although if it’s in promotional material you have to imagine it’ll be here soon.

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