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Finaflex headed to Australia with a possibly reformulated Stimul8


Following on from Killer Labz, Proccor, and Olympus Labs’ big announcements this month, Finaflex has now confirmed that it is also headed down under to the Australian market. The brand’s exact words are that “Stimul8 is coming soon to Australia”, which is the brand’s pre-workout competitor and quite possibly its most well known supplement.

If you’re in Australia and wondering if you’re going to be getting the exact same version of Stimul8 as we have here in the US, we’re fairly certain that’s not going to be the case. Finaflex hasn’t mentioned anything about a reformulation or any specific changes, however Stimul8 does have rauwolfia vomitoria in it, an ingredient not compliant with Australia’s rules and regulations.

No doubt more details will be released about Finaflex’s availability down under soon, including where it will be stocked, what changes if any have been made to Stimul8, and will any of its other products be making the trip.

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