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Genomyx now the only name on the upcoming Speed Xtreme

genomyx speed xtreme

The last time we checked in with Genomyx and Lecheek Nutrition, we were left a little confused. It looked like the two brands had combined for a resurrected version of Lecheek’s pre-workout supplement Speed Xtreme. Where it got most confusing is with the use of both Genomyx and Lecheek’s logos on the tub. Things have now kind of been cleared up, as an updated shot of Speed Xtreme has been released.

As you can see in the image above, the upcoming Speed Xtreme has changed from having Genomyx and Lecheek’s logos on it to just Genomyx. While that does make things a little clearer, it still leaves us with a lot of questions. The big one we have is does this mean the two brands are combining into one? It just seems strange that Lecheek would change the name behind one of its most well-known products unless it’s line was merging.

Despite all of the questions that still remain, either way you look at it Speed Xtreme is coming back. The fact that it’s under the brand Genomyx doesn’t really make too much difference. One more detail worth mentioning is that Lecheek has said that Speed Xtreme is going to be launched at the online retailer There is no exact launch timeframe on the supplement just yet, although it is expected to be introduced in at least two flavors with Smooth Lemon and Fruit Punch.

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