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HPN launches a secret pre-sale for its phosphatidic acid formula PA(7)

hpn pa7

At last month’s Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo, High Performance Nutrition unveiled a surprisingly large amount of new products. The star of its digital booth was the mystery supplement it teased leading up to the show, HPN PA7 or more officially written as PA(7). For those that missed the Stack3d Pro, the product is described as an mTor elevation and nutrient partitioning agent, made up of just two features.

The main ingredient in HPN PA7 is the Mediator branded phosphatidic acid, which is dosed at 1.5g per four capsule serving. The only other feature in the supplement is the absorption enhancer AstraGin, at 100mg per serving. The main reason we’re bringing PA7 up again today is because the brand has now made it available for pre-order, with a somewhat secret introductory offer.

The pre-order promotion is actually a “pre” pre-sale, as if you head to HPN’s website before Saturday when its PA7 pre-order opportunity becomes official, you can save a little bit extra. The deal is instead of paying the product’s regular price of $59.99 a bottle you can get it for $44.99. There is also a three bottle option that can save you even more, dropping PA7 down to $43.33 a piece. To get in on the action simply visit and be sure to get your PA7 pre-order in before midnight tomorrow.


hpn pa7

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