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Sour Batch flavored ISO-Carb coming soon from MAN Sports


As fans continue to wait for MAN Sports’ creatively flavored mass gainer, Dirty Bulk. The brand has gone and surprisingly unveiled another supplement it has on the way, with the fast-acting carbohydrate formula ISO-Carb. MAN has unfortunately only dropped a preview image of the product, meaning we don’t know anything about its contents yet, just that it’s a carbohydrate based formula.

The only other detail MAN has confirmed for its upcoming ISO-Carb, is that it is going to be a flavored supplement with at least one option on its menu in Sour Batch. Knowing the brand we don’t imagine the Sour Patch Kids inspired flavor being the only one on ISO-Carb’s menu, especially since MAN is now known as one of the best when it comes to flavors.

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