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Creamy Cranberry and Creamy Yogurt Cookie triple MyoMax Hardcore’s menu

myomax hardcore

The major European brand Scitec Nutrition has once again done something it is somewhat known for. The brand has basically gone and added to the menu of yet another one of its current supplements. So far this year we’ve seen Scitec introduce a handful of new lines, more than 10 entirely new products, a long list of new flavors, and now two more options for its packed out gainer MyoMax Hardcore.

Up until recently Scitec had just the one flavor available for MyoMax Hardcore with the straightforward recipe Max Chocolate. The brand has now tripled the size of its menu, introducing two extremely different flavors with Creamy Cranberry and Creamy Yogurt Cookie. By the looks of things fans can expect to see both of the options in both of MyoMax Hardcore’s tub sizes, the 10 serving 1.4kg and the 22 serving 3.08kg.

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